360° Reality Capture

The fastest, easiest way to documentand understand–your jobsite.

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A new class of photo documentation tools, powered by AI

OpenSpace is the global leader in automated 360° construction photo documentation and mapping. We are the fastest, simplest, and most advanced tool out there, and we can prove it.

The OpenSpace Platform

  • Capture and document
    your project in minutes
  • OpenSpace Vision Engine
    and secure storage
  • Simple interactive viewing
    and AI tools

Capture your site with
unmatched speed and simplicity

Fully document your site for a live, as-built record of the building from preconstruction to handover and operation.

360° video capture

Confidently capture the images you need–and even some you might not know you need. Simply connect the OpenSpace app to a 360° camera, push start, and walk the site as you normally would. It’s so easy to use that most customers capture at least once a week.

Create field notes while you walk

As you walk your jobsite, you can use your phone (or tablet) to create a field note. Add images and detailed comments, attach schematics and PDFs, and much more in OpenSpace Field Notes–our software automatically pins them to floor plans. Field notes make short work of punch items, observations, and RFIs. Eliminate back-and-forth emails or phone calls by using field note comments, keeping your conversations within the context of your documentation. Add a due date and we’ll notify you when it’s due.

Flexible and cross platform

OpenSpace works with the tools you already have—we support the Ricoh Theta, Insta360 and the Garmin VIRB 360. We work on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. In addition to automated 360° construction photo documentation, we also support 360° photo stills, mobile phone photos, iPhone and iPad LiDAR scans, and even images from 360° cameras mounted on drones. Whatever you have, we’ve got you covered.

Construction worker using 3D scan
Accurately measure with 3D Scan

OpenSpace 3D Scan™ is the fastest way to get a measurable three-dimensional scan in the industry. Launch the OpenSpace mobile app, wave your LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad Pro, and start scanning. Pin scans to your floorplan and within minutes OpenSpace users in the office or across the globe can pull up the captures and take measurements within two inches of accuracy. 3D Scan also makes it a snap to measure from a distance and to download and import scans into VDC tools like Revit and Navisworks.

See your site from anywhere, anytime

Because the OpenSpace reality capture platform is so easy to use, you’ll have your site completely documented, all the time. Drive accountability, minimize travel, reduce risk, resolve conflicts–because a picture is worth a thousand words.

See and compare your build over time with Split View

With Split View, you can track progress across time from the trailer, the office, or halfway across the world. Just pick two dates to get a side-by-side comparison of any captured area–see photos of what was in place before concrete was poured or drywall was installed. Onsite, use Reveal Mode on your phone to compare current and past conditions.

Export and share reports and offline deliverables

Your OpenSpace construction photo documentation data is your own, and you can share it how you like. Use the Custom Views feature to customize what you share–search and filter your captures by date, floor, tags, status, and more. With our AutoReports feature, you can even generate PDF reports in just a few clicks. We also provide an offline deliverable for your handover package.

Integrations with Procore and Autodesk

OpenSpace integrates with the tools you use every day. Skip the back and forth and view OpenSpace directly from Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM 360 & Build), and PlanGrid. Plus, export image data directly into RFIs, observations, and more. We don’t like double entry, and we bet you don’t either.

View your BIM and site conditions side-by-side

Bring BIM coordination to the field with zero learning curve. Use our VDC tools to compare actual conditions of the site to your full model, not just a 3D image. Our cloud-based BIM Compare makes it easy to do everything you’d expect to do with your model: it’s fully aligned and you can turn layers on and off and snap measurements.

Understand your site with
sophisticated but simple AI tools

We offer tools like BIM Compare and products like AI-powered OpenSpace Track to understand your job like never before.

Quickly confirm percent complete

Easily confirm quantities installed, view locations, and spot issues blocking progress with the Detail view.

Track durations and productivity

Measure production rates objectively for the first time with our intuitive Progress Chart. Export all your data with the click of a button for use in PowerBI and other analytics tools.

Track full project activity

Instantly see progress of activities across the entire project with the Overview table.

Dive into 3D

Use the Dollhouse viewer to instantly verify work-in-place for any area or zone by visualizing your site’s progress in 3D. Navigate any room or corridor and get a 3D visual of progress on everything you’re tracking.