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What is OpenSpace?

OpenSpace is the fastest, easiest way to visually document your jobsite – and it’s the simplest, smartest way to understand it. We generate Google Streetviews of your jobsite. Our key differentiator is that our solution truly requires zero labor and zero infrastructure: you strap on a 360 camera when you want to capture the job, say during a routine inspection or walk, and hit “go” on our app.

We have fully automated progress photos, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We provide simple but powerful tools like Progress Tracking so you can manage your site at all levels of detail. We’ve reversed $100K’s in CO’s, cut travel costs, and saved millions in overall construction costs by trimming schedules.

Where is your data stored? How do I know that my data is safe?

At OpenSpace, we take data security very seriously. We are Privacy Shield certified, and even comply with the planet’s strictest security policies, EU’s GDPR. We treat all the information stored on our systems, regardless of customer, user, or use case, as equally important and extremely sensitive. All customer data is encrypted in transit with TLS encryption, as well as encrypted at rest using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption. Our data is stored with AWS. Read more about their security policies here: Amazon Security

How do I set up a project?

Once you are signed up, all you need to do is upload your floor plans. That’s it, you are good to go. Using BIM? You can optionally upload your model as well, and track actual progress vs. the model. For more information visit Getting Started with Openspace.

How much data can I capture?

As much as you want. Walk the job as much as you want, and capture as many images as you want. We are all-you-can-eat.

Can I take regular mobile phone photos and upload those to OpenSpace?

Yes! If you are doing an OpenSpace walk, you can take photos and notes while you walk, and our tech will automatically pin those images and notes to the location where the note was made – very handy. We call that feature “Field Notes.” In addition, you can also take mobile phone photos (and standard 360 photos) and manually pin them to your floorplan at any time.

Can I add regular 360 photos taken manually to OpenSpace?

Yes! The core way to use OpenSpace is to walk with a 360 camera shooting video, that we then map to your floorplan. But you can also take standard 360 photos (and mobile phone photos too) and manually pin them to your floorplan – this is great for when you need just a few super high-resolution photos of your site.

How many people can I invite to view a project?

Unlimited. Add as many people to a project as you want, from any organization you choose. OpenSpace is all about better coordination and collaboration, so we don’t want to needlessly limit access.

If I use OpenSpace, does one of my team members do the walks? Or do you provide someone?

OpenSpace is designed to be so easy that your existing field team will capture the site – the field teams know the site best, they are there everyday, and they will therefore capture the most data. The vast majority of our customers use existing staff to walk the site.

That said, there are times when it makes sense for a third party to capture the site. OpenSpace can provide a trained and properly insured individual to do capture the site in select markets. Contact us at to learn more.

Where do I download the OpenSpace app?

Just go to the App Store on your iPhone, or the Google Play Store on Android.

I want to use OpenSpace. How can I sign up?

Simple – email us at, or fill out the Request Demo form.

What is the difference between OpenSpace and other 3D capture tools?

While other 3D capture tools require dedicated setup and capture time, or require experienced photographers to document your job site, OpenSpace is special because it’s 100% labor free. Simply attach your 360 camera to the top of your hardhat with the included mount, then continue as normal — our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm does the rest! Furthermore, because our system is so easy,  that means we have the data to build the easiest and most powerful AI-based analytics tools out there.

How much does OpenSpace cost?

Your OpenSpace subscription price is based on the products you need and the amount of construction you do. We calculate your price based on your annual construction volume (ACV) times a rate for OpenSpace Capture, and a different rate for OpenSpace Track. We offer volume and bundling discounts, so you receive cost savings and efficiency gains when you include more products, projects, and ACV in your subscription upfront.

What cameras do you support?

Currently we support the Garmin VIRB 360, Insta360 One X, Insta360 One R , and Ricoh Theta Z1 across all our capture modes (video, photo), and we support the Ricoh 360 cameras for photo mode. If you don’t have a 360 camera, don’t worry! We can get you set up. For additional support documentation please see Supported Cameras.

Can I export my data?

Our customers own their own content — we provide a variety of ways to export data in the form of select PDFs, JPGs, and auto-generated Powerpoint reports. We will also provide a one-time offline deliverable of all your data that you can export at the close of your project.

Have you run into any safety issues having the camera mounted on the hardhat?

No. The mounts do no damage whatsoever to the hardhat. We have also made sure to solicit approval from safety managers on existing jobs, and we have always gotten the thumbs up. You can walk the site with a 360 camera on a monopod if you want as well – but the hardhat is our recommended method: it keeps your hands free to take notes and do useful work!

What other software does OpenSpace integrate with?

We integrate with Procore, PlanGrid and BIM360. Our integrations include single sign-on, data export, integrations with RFI and Observation workflows, and more.

What is automated progress tracking?

Automated progress tracking leverages AI to quickly and accurately generate percent complete calculations, quantities installed, rates of work and estimated completion dates for critical trades across entire projects. This type of automation can be achieved through use of 360° photo documentation technology to create a detailed record of the project and how it’s changing over time.

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