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the Trades

Get the images you need to understand how productive your teams are and to get paid on time. We give you the images that prove exactly what work you completed and when.

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The fastest, easiest way to
document your site and your work

You do amazing work, but you can’t keep building if you don’t get paid on time.

  • Get paid on time

    Pay apps can get bogged down, especially when there is uncertainty as to what work was done and when it was completed. OpenSpace eliminates the ambiguity. Share curated, time-stamped imagery of your teams’ work and keep the cash flowing.

  • Validate concealed work without opening walls, slabs, or ceilings

    OpenSpace makes it incredibly easy to document your site completely, allowing you to do in-wall inspections from anywhere, and verify work without time-consuming and expensive destructive verification.

  • Manage your crews efficiently

    It’s hard to calculate productivity without clear records of what’s getting done, and how quickly. Oftentimes we see productivity problems too late. OpenSpace allows you to easily see what is happening on site so you can measure your crews’ productivity and better plan the job.

  • Leverage BIM to its full potential

    Not all projects require BIM, but for those that do, it can be hard to coordinate VDC and the field. OpenSpace allows you to compare the actual field conditions to the BIM in an easy-to-use, fully-featured, browser-based tool – and it’s something your field teams will actually want to use.

We save time, money and headaches

Here’s some real data, from our customers, on how OpenSpace benefits them.

20x faster and more
complete documentation
50% savings on travel time
and cost
Faster Pay App Processing

“OpenSpace is an integral tool for Power Design that helps us to provide great quality work at our jobsites consistently. The ability to see the jobsite status remotely from our central corporate office is a gamechanger for how we work, and we are looking forward to getting it deployed at 100% of our jobsites.”

Raghu Kutty
Chief Information Officer, Power Design

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We offer products that serve a broad range of needs, from 1-month renovations
to multi-year megaprojects.

for smaller jobs

Basic free

Simple, fast video capture and coordination
  • Ideal for small jobs up to 10,000 square feet
  • 360˚ video and smartphone photos automatically pinned to plans
  • Tools like Splitscreen and Field Notes for better collaboration
for Multi-Project Organizations


Streamlined multi-project
Everything in Project, plus:
  • Company branded reports
  • Fast track adoption and training
  • Dedicated customer support