construction worker walking on job siteconstruction worker walking on site

Your jobsite, fully captured. Just tap record and go.

OpenSpace provides next-generation construction reality capture software, powerful integrations, and the smartest analytics tools in the industry.

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Capture your site with unmatched speed and simplicity

Turn the 360° camera on, tap go, and just walk your site. The OpenSpace Vision Engine maps photos to your plans automatically. And it’s lightning fast, with average 15-minute processing times–not hours, not days.

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See your site, from anywhere, anytime

Because the OpenSpace reality capture platform is so easy to use, you’ll have your site completely documented, all the time. Drive accountability, minimize travel, reduce risk, resolve conflicts–because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Understand your site with sophisticated but simple AI tools

We offer tools like BIM Compare and products like AI-powered OpenSpace Track to understand your job like never before.

Predictable costs, predictable revenue

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Save on construction costs

Verify work without expensive destructive verification, efficiently evaluate change orders and payments, and catch issues before they bust your budget.

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Accelerated project schedules

OpenSpace’s 360° construction photo documentation technology accelerates project delivery, cuts budget overruns due to rework and change orders, and allows you to better control risk and liability.

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50% savings in travel costs

Save unnecessary travel to the site, and put your most experienced eyes on more projects.

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Smarter asset management

Visual data is valuable not just during construction, but during operations. Now you have a true as-built to manage disputes and inform future renovations.

Products for the industry

From 1-month TIs to multiyear megaprojects and from the trades to GCs, CMs to lenders, and owners to insurers–we’ve got you covered.

The Trades

Track work in place, coordinate with other trades, manage field-to-office communications–and rest easy knowing you have the documentation that ensures you’ll get paid on time for the work you do.

General Contractors

Drive accountability, streamline coordination, resolve conflicts, reduce travel–and deliver ahead of schedule and under budget.


Manage risk during both construction and operation, and sleep better at night knowing you have ground-truth data that keeps everyone on the same page.

“The biggest value-add is being able to take your phone out, click record, do the walk, load your images to a computer and be done. OpenSpace is 5X faster than its competitors and orders-of-magnitude faster than manual capture.”

Jacob Freitas
Level 10 Construction

“You can take 100 photos of every room manually, and I guarantee that the one photo you need won’t be there. That’s where OpenSpace is great. It captures sites thoroughly and fast, organizes imagery without any effort, and makes it searchable later when you need it.”

Chris O'Neil
Lee Kennedy Company

“Accountability is critical on a project of this magnitude, and OpenSpace helped me manage that process much more effectively with our trade partners.”

Max Sanchez
Suffolk Construction

“OpenSpace’s software is a game-changer. Having it as a premium offering for our clients is a differentiator for our business, and solidifies JLL’s position as providing the most innovative, best-in-class solutions to its clients.”

Todd Burns

“With the time savings we see with OpenSpace, we can now document all active areas of the project daily.”

Tyler Rohde
Novo Construction

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