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From Risk to Reward: Nibbi Mitigates Risk and Finds Efficiencies with OpenSpace

Founded in 1950, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors started out as a small carpentry business and is now recognized for constructing technically complex, iconic structures throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company focuses on residential and commercial projects, with an emphasis on affordable housing.

With an increasing amount of its work being self-performed, Nibbi sought a jobsite photo documentation solution that would help the company mitigate risk, improve communications with owners and subcontractors, and provide a single source of truth to achieve better collaboration. After leveraging the platform on one of its housing projects in San Francisco, Nibbi decided to deploy OpenSpace reality capture on all projects, with teams walking and capturing jobsites twice a week.

Read this case study to discover how, working with OpenSpace, Nibbi is significantly reducing travel costs, avoiding expensive rework, verifying work in place with greater efficiency, and identifying and resolving billing discrepancies.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this case study and get to know Nibbi:

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When faced with uncertainty and challenges, it's innovations like OpenSpace that enable us to overcome them. From time savings to problem mitigation, it has truly revolutionized how we operate at Nibbi.

Luis Vindel

Assistant Project Manager