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OpenSpace is for
General Contractors

Get a complete 360° record of the job site. Our best-in-class tech is the absolute fastest out there—we will get the job done.

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The fastest, easiest way to
fully document your site

A picture is worth a thousand words. Image data keeps teams aligned and identifies problems early; plus, many contracts require some sort of photo documentation. But you don’t have the time to send your team to document every inch of your site—until now.

  • Focus on building, not documenting

    Photo Documentation is important to any well-run job—but you have enough on your plate already. With OpenSpace, you get complete documentation just by walking the job—no extra labor, nothing to install. Easy.

  • Eliminate finger pointing

    Construction moves fast. Questions come up, disputes arise—and these disputes can lead to big costs in time and money. OpenSpace provides an indisputable record that keeps everyone on the same page.

  • Less travel, more productivity

    Getting the right people to the site at the right time is getting harder and harder. With OpenSpace, you can avoid unneeded travel to the site and keep your most experienced eyes on more projects.

  • Streamline coordination

    It’s easy to get buried under a mountain of RFIs, submittals, daily reports and other paperwork. OpenSpace allows you to easily tie in visual information to streamline your workflows, and it seamlessly integrates with tools like Procore, PlanGrid, and BIM 360. We’ll even auto-generate PowerPoint reports for you!

We save time, money and headaches

Here’s some real data, from our customers, on how OpenSpace benefits them.

20x faster and more
complete documentation
50% savings on travel time
and cost
cost icon
Millions saved in change orders
and rework costs

“You can take 100 photos of every room manually, and I guarantee that the one photo you need won’t be there. That’s where OpenSpace is great. It captures sites thoroughly and fast, organizes imagery without any effort, and makes it searchable later when you need it.”

Chris O'Neil
Lee Kennedy Company
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