BIM that connects the field and the office

View the model on-site, easily find answers to questions, and coordinate next steps with the office and all project team members.

BIM Element, Overlay

Accelerate office and field coordination

Navigation and analysis made easy

Easily navigate the model and compare it against the current site condition. If you have laser scan data, you can seamlessly move between the point cloud, model, and 360° images, providing better context into what was installed, where it was installed, and if it was installed according to plan. See where future items should be installed by overlaying model elements onto the 360° images.

BIM Saved Views

Saved Views

Create and save preset layers and views in BIM Compare. Users can then select a saved view from a dropdown list, making it simple for anyone to access and use BIM data—no model navigation expertise needed.

BIM element overlay

By overlaying BIM elements onto 360° images, get a visual of where future items should be installed, making it easy to directly compare reality to your model.

Laser scan data

Streamline your workflows by having all reality capture data in one place. With our Autodesk Platform Services (formerly known as Forge) integration, you’ll have your point cloud data in OpenSpace to view, measure, and analyze laser scan point clouds.

BIM offline mode for mobile

Since connectivity can be an issue on-site, and it’s time consuming to search for a spot with a connection, use our offline mode to save a model in our mobile app for use in the field.

Communicate right the first time

Let your images and models do the talking. OpenSpace provides easy-to-use visual information that removes all the back-and-forth communication that slows down responses, approvals, and project schedules. View and compare current site conditions against the design intent and easily use that information to make decisions and get work done.

BIM Compare Field Notes

Create a Field Note based on a BIM Compare view that includes the 360° image and model. With the BIM Compare visual, you can quickly document issues, clashes, and misalignment between on-site condition and design intent, improving coordination.

BCF export

Export multiple Field Notes to a BCF file and then import them as issues into any solution that accepts BCF format. Doing this allows for easy integration of OpenSpace Field Notes into BIM coordination tools for streamlined communication and workflows. (Note that 3D coordinates will be included in a future release.)

View models the way you want

Always have the most up-to-date models straight from the source. No more wasting time turning models, elements, and layers on and off in a selection tree. Manage multiple models and view the model that is most relevant to the scope of work being addressed. Additionally, you’ll have visibility into how your project teams are using and adopting the models.

Autodesk model import

Import your model into OpenSpace directly from BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Build. Save time with this streamlined process, eliminating the manual two-step process of downloading a federated model and then uploading the file to OpenSpace.

Multiple models per project

With OpenSpace BIM+ you can associate multiple models to an OpenSpace project, and avoid the two-step process of federating a model and then uploading it. With this flexibility, you simply choose the specific model you want to view depending on your scope of work.

Model usage reporting

Our model usage reports make it simple to get the information you need to confirm and quantify your BIM return on investment. Find out the number of times a model is viewed and who is viewing that model.

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“With OpenSpace BIM+, our project teams will now be able to answer questions in minutes from the field, reducing the back-and-forth they experience when resolving everyday issues.”

Breawn Felix, Regional Support Services Manager

Beyond the technology


Continuous learning with free, on-demand courses that include easy-to-follow instructions plus tips and tricks.


Connect, learn, and innovate with construction professionals, and forge the path for the future of construction.


Access resources for tips on evaluating how reality capture can help you build faster and with less risk.

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Frequently asked questions

OpenSpace BIM+ is a suite of easy-to-use 3D tools that helps you get work done faster by unlocking BIM coordination between the office and the field. If you’d like to get started using OpenSpace BIM+, learn about our limited time offer.

OpenSpace BIM+ is an add-on module that expands on our BIM Compare feature. The additional BIM capabilities make it even easier to navigate, analyze, and manage your BIM models by leveraging the image and location data of OpenSpace Capture.

Yes, the images and functionality of OpenSpace Capture are the foundation for OpenSpace BIM+. You cannot use OpenSpace BIM+ without OpenSpace Capture.

Yes, OpenSpace BIM+ furthers your BIM investment by making your models available to all project team members including field teams.

OpenSpace BIM+ is will be generally available to everyone soon. Interested in getting started? Learn about our limited time offer.