QA/QC processes simplified

General contractor Nibbi improved their QA/QC processes, with OpenSpace playing a pivotal role in verifying work was carried out per the design intent.

Time savings for the QA/QC team

CEC’s 10-person QA/QC team can now multitask as OpenSpace captures in the background and pins imagery to the project plan.

Streamline QA/QC with documentation

Learn how OpenSpace helps a leading global quick-serve restaurant maintain quality control as their portfolio of stores continues to grow.

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OpenSpace allows QA/QC teams to spend more time looking at things instead of worrying about paperwork. The accuracy and completeness of the documentation puts us in a strong position to defend ourselves against project delay allegations.

Jared Peinado, Director of Project Controls

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Efficient and visual QA/QC

Create backup documentation as you walk

Start an OpenSpace 360° capture on-site as soon as you begin running through your quality control checklists. Without any extra effort on your part, you’ve produced backup documentation—a complete visual record of everything you saw on the walk. For easy reference, add a link to the capture on your checklist. If you need to answer a question later or verify an item, pull up your capture and navigate the 360° view and easily find what you need. For example, after walls have been closed up, you can use OpenSpace to verify if insulation or backing was installed in the proper location.

Use Field Notes for easy issue management

Easily create and manage issues or failed items on a checklist with OpenSpace. When you need to flag a correction as you’re going through your checklist, tap the Field Notes button in the OpenSpace app, snap a photo, mark it up, and add details like comments and status. Then assign the note to the person who needs to address the issue. OpenSpace automatically timestamps and pins these notes to your floor plan—all you need to do is move on to the next item. If you set up Zones on your project, OpenSpace tags each Field Note you create with the Zone name they’re in for easy filtering. After your walk, generate a Field Note PDF report, including comments and images, to share with responsible team members.

Save time with virtual QA/QC

If you need to conduct a QA/QC walk for a project, but you’re on the go or at another site, OpenSpace has you covered. Pull up your 360° capture from your desk and virtually walk the site as if you were at the job. Just like during an on-site inspection, it’s simple to use Field Notes to call out items that need to be addressed. You can track all communication in your Field Notes making it easy to check on the status of issues, all the way through resolution.

Spot check installation in the field compared to BIM

If you’re using BIM models on your project, you can use BIM Compare on-site or in the office for quick visual checks to verify all items are installed and in the right location. With OpenSpace BIM+, you can even overlay a model element (like a sewer line) on the 360° image side of the viewer (rather than trying to visualize the overlay in your head) to inspect further.

Why choose OpenSpace to be your QA/QC partner?

OpenSpace is Easy


OpenSpace is quick to deploy, easy to use right out of the gate, and field teams actually use it. That means QA/QC teams will have the data they need for backup documentation and for virtual inspections. And OpenSpace is very mobile friendly—our app is rich with features that make work in the field more efficient. It’s intuitive and works on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

OpenSpace is Fast


To capture your inspection, connect your 360° camera to our app incredibly fast with QuickConnect. Team members can quickly access on-site conditions from anywhere and conduct virtual inspections. Ensure the right people have the right information with Field Notes so they can quickly address issues.

OpenSpace is Powerful


The OpenSpace Vision Engine uses computer vision (a special field of AI) to power our platform—making the time from capturing to viewing incredibly fast.  That means you can get right to reviewing the jobsite from anywhere, and to sharing your QA/QC findings.

OpenSpace is Reliable


OpenSpace is the most reliable and secure documentation solution. And our integrations give you the efficiency of having your data in one place—skip the double entry by linking OpenSpace to tools including Procore and Autodesk Construction Cloud. Import any deficiencies captured in your Field Notes into your project management software as observations, tasks, or issues.

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See OpenSpace in action.

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Tools to help you streamline QA/QC inspections with visual backup

Backup documentation for your quality control checklists

360° video and photos

Document with 360° video, 360° photo stills, plus mobile phone stills to enrich Field Notes.

360° pano viewer

Navigate your captures to make informed decisions about QA/QC issues and check progress.

Field Notes

Robust visual communication for site inspections and updates on safety corrections.

Field Notes custom status

Create custom labels that align with your safety workflow. Set priority levels and more.

Field Notes custom tags

Label Field Notes with tags you define (e.g., Fall Hazard). Tags enable smart searching and reporting.

Zones in Field Notes

Use Zones on your floor plans to categorize (and later find) Field Notes by room, area, or phase of work.

Field Notes PDF reports

Run reports for safety records, including comments and attachments for more detail.

Virtual QA/QC

Split View

Compare any captured area from two different dates side by side.

3D Scan

Use a Pro iOS device to get a three-dimensional scan with two-inch measurement accuracy.

Heat Notes

Take infrared images to get a temperature visual. Add the image to a Field Note for improved safety and QC.

Shared Folders

Share a set of captures with stakeholders—even those without an OpenSpace login.

Share link

Send a URL link to share a location in your capture that you want someone to view.


BIM Compare

Compare site conditions to your model and view sheet drawings overlaid on your model.

Saved Views*

Use a pull-down menu to view a saved visibility state of a model.

BIM Element Overlay*

Overlay items from your model on the image side of BIM Compare for planning and QC.

BIM Compare Field Notes*

Call out a discrepancy of on-site conditions along with the image and model, for fast resolution.

BIM Compare point clouds*

Import laser scan data into OpenSpace to compare on-site build to point clouds.

Multiple models*

Add multiple models to a project—even break up large models to coordinate by floor or other scopes of work.

BIM offline viewing on mobile*

Access your model on mobile devices without a network or wireless connection.

*Available in OpenSpace BIM+


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