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WakeCap and OpenSpace partner up to transform Saudi construction

By Eva Obermaier

WakeCap, a Saudi-based leader in smart solutions for construction project management, and OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° reality capture, announce a strategic partnership aimed at making cutting-edge global technology easily accessible to the Saudi Arabian construction market. By providing direct, local access to world-class technologies, the collaboration creates a centralized hub for all construction technology needs, enhancing operational efficiency, providing more transparency on construction projects, and enabling better decision-making and project management.

“This collaboration is more than a partnership, it’s also a pledge to empower Saudi companies with the necessary tools to thrive in a competitive market. By combining our expertise, we offer local access to global technological advancements, simplifying procurement, and ensuring these innovations are tailored to meet local requirements,” says Hassan Albalawi, CEO and co-founder of WakeCap.

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