40% fewer incidents reported

Construction and engineering firm EEI uses OpenSpace to identify safety best practices and more.

Improved safety with fewer site visits

On an “Ultra Fast Track” project in Germany, the safety team at Exyte took advantage of Field Notes and increased overall on-site safety.

Another set of eyes increases safety

You can’t be 12 places at once, according to Suzy Garcia at Humphrey Rich Construction. Hear her take on improved jobsite safety with OpenSpace.

On-demand webinar: Getting the Most Out of OpenSpace

Construction professionals from around the world meet up for our annual customer summit, Waypoint, for exclusive access to the latest product announcements from OpenSpace. But perhaps the most exciting part of the day is our customer panel—where power users like Suzy Garcia and Tom Garcia of Humphrey Rich Construction Group share concrete examples of how they’re getting the most out of OpenSpace. Suzy and Tom describe OpenSpace as a powerful tool, helping them mitigate risk and facilitate safety on every project. Watch the webinar for their full interview, plus more customer testimonials.

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Simplify safety management

Efficient safety inspections, quick results

At the start of a safety inspection, also start an OpenSpace 360° capture—that way you’ll have a complete visual record of the entire walk to reference later. When you see a safety violation while you’re walking, such as a fall hazard from an elevator shaft not properly closed off, document it in a snap with Field Notes. Simply take a photo, mark it up, add comments, and include a status. Adding to an efficient workflow, immediately assign the note to the right person so they can address the issue.

Efficient Jobsite Safety Inspections

Clear communication and visual proof

After a safety walk, no need to type up a report—instead generate a PDF report of your Field Notes, including comments and images, to attach to your safety inspection records. You can also assign tags like Electrical Hazard, Confined Space, Temporary Guardrail, and Heat Awareness to your Field Notes so you can easily filter and report by these categories. Plus, by consistently documenting your site, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that in case of an incident, you can pull up your OpenSpace captures to verify what was on-site and answer questions.

Stay on top of safety from anywhere

Keeping on top of site conditions and known issues across multiple projects, sometimes in different cities or states, can be challenging. With OpenSpace, when new captures come in, you can virtually walk the site and make safety observations right from your desk, such as PPE issues like someone not wearing a hard hat or an individual not wearing high-visibility clothing. Just like during an on-site inspection, it’s simple to use Field Notes to call out and communicate issues that need to be fixed, and to check on the status of problems you’ve assigned for correction.

Why choose OpenSpace to be your safety partner?

OpenSpace is Easy


OpenSpace is quick to deploy, easy to use right out of the gate, and field teams actually use it. That means safety teams will have the data they need to keep an eye on jobsites and to include in safety records. And OpenSpace is very mobile friendly—our app is rich with features that make work in the field more efficient. It’s intuitive and works on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

OpenSpace is Fast


To capture, connect your 360° camera to our app incredibly fast with QuickConnect. Team members can quickly access on-site conditions from anywhere to see if any safety concerns need to be addressed. Ensure the right people have the right information with Field Notes so they can quickly understand and address safety issues.

OpenSpace is Powerful


The OpenSpace Vision Engine uses computer vision (a special field of AI) to power our platform—making the time from capturing to viewing incredibly fast.  That means you can get right to reviewing the jobsite from anywhere, and to sharing a safety inspection walk.

OpenSpace is Reliable


OpenSpace is the most reliable and secure documentation solution. And our integrations give you the efficiency of having your data in one place—skip the double entry by linking OpenSpace to tools including Procore and Autodesk Construction Cloud. Import your Field Notes safety items into your project management software as observations, tasks, or issues.

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Easy-to-use tools with rich imagery for monitoring jobsite safety

Complete site documentation for increased jobsite safety

360° video and photos

Document with 360° video, 360° photo stills, plus mobile phone stills to enrich Field Notes.

360° pano viewer

Navigate your captures to make informed decisions about safety and check progress.

Heat Notes

Take infrared images to get a temperature visual. Add the image to a Field Note for improved safety and QC.

3D Scan

Use a Pro iOS device to get a three-dimensional scan with two-inch measurement accuracy.

Fast and visual communication

Field Notes

Robust visual communication for site inspections and updates on safety corrections.

Field Notes custom status

Create custom labels that align with your safety workflow. Set priority levels and more.

Field Notes custom tags

Label Field Notes with tags you define (e.g., Fall Hazard). Tags enable smart searching and reporting.

Field Notes PDF reports

Run reports for safety records, including comments and attachments for more detail.

Shared folders

Share a set of captures with stakeholders—even those without an OpenSpace login.

Share link

Send a URL link to share a location in your capture that you want someone to view.


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