Quantify Jobsite Progress Automatically.
Stay on Schedule. Stay on Budget.

The fastest and easiest way to track and validate percent complete, quantity installed, and rate of work.

  • Automated 360° visibility into work completed

    Automated progress tracking increases accountability. With insight into work completed, identify problems and avoid dependency conflicts.

  • Track progress against schedule

    Shrink the gap between reality and plan. Minimize scheduling risks with detailed reports on percent complete, quantities installed, rate of work, and estimated completion dates.

  • Verify progress for payments

    When it comes time to invoice, you have a trusted record of progress to verify percent complete.

  • Improve accuracy of estimates

    Gain a competitive edge with your work-in-place data–knowing how much time was actually spent and what materials were used sets you up for better forecasting and estimating.

From framing to finishes,
we’ve got you covered

OpenSpace Track uses computer vision and machine learning to recognize, track, and quantify work-in-place. Our trackers provide highly accurate, comprehensive progress tracking data and are practical, easy to use, and help keep builders on (or even ahead of) schedule and within budget. Keep an eye out as we continue to launch new trackers and contact us to learn how we can help your teams improve productivity today.

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Understand progress from all angles

No more guesstimating. Get automatic and accurate progress tracking to quantify, manage, and deliver your projects faster than ever.

Quickly confirm percent complete

Easily confirm quantities installed, view locations, and spot issues blocking progress with the Detail view.

Track durations and productivity

Measure production rates objectively for the first time with our intuitive Progress Chart.

Get an accurate view of schedule status

Use live dashboards that show progress, production rates, and estimated completion dates for a precise picture of where progress is being made and where the schedule is at risk.

Track full project activity

Instantly see progress of activities across the entire project on the Overview table.

Export to analytics tools

Simply click a button to export all your progress data to share with project stakeholders or to use in analytics tools, like Power BI.

Visualize progress in BIM

Go beyond progress by ensuring that materials are installed according to the design intent. Jump start your pull planning by comparing work completed against the model.

Dive into 3D

Use the Dollhouse viewer to instantly verify work-in-place for any area or zone by visualizing your site’s progress in 3D. Navigate any room or corridor and get a 3D visual of progress on everything you’re tracking.

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