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Linxon Pioneers OpenSpace Reality Capture and AI-Powered Analytics in Energy Grid Projects

By Customer Support

Linxon is building the infrastructure to power the world with carbon-free technology by offering turnkey solutions in the areas of substations for power transmission, renewable energy, and transportation. As a pioneer in the industry, Linxon has entered into an enterprise agreement with OpenSpace, the global leader in 360° reality capture, to bring the technology to Linxon’s energy grid upgrade and extension projects, delivering more transparency.

“As promised by OpenSpace, deploying their software is like creating a time machine,” said Hassan Merhi, Managing Director at Linxon Middle East & Africa. “It allows us to easily go back to a moment in time or a location. We can look behind walls or underneath concrete floors. At the same time, we are ensuring transparency by making progress on site visible to everyone.”

Teams have already noticed a 10–15% reduction in time spent on site and a definite drop in hours dedicated to administration.

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