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Fast and Easy Site Documentation with OpenSpace Reality Capture

By Jeff Flores

February 29, 2024

Using OpenSpace Reality Capture for jobsite documentation can be part of your normal process walking the site—no extra work needed. And capturing with your 360° camera is much faster than manual and inefficient methods that take up too much of your time. Our technology automatically timestamps your images and maps them to the floor plan, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for down the road. Throughout the day, you can also capture any other way you want, including 360° photo stills, mobile phone photos to add to Field Notes for robust communication, and 3D Scans to get three-dimensional scans with two-inch measurement accuracy.

Simplifying Your Work

Dig into our latest resource on Documentation use cases and discover all the details on simplifying your day-to-day tasks and saving time with OpenSpace:

  • Gain back time you previously set aside for job site documentation to focus on your real work.
  • Breathe easier knowing you have a complete visual record of your site should any disputes arise.
  • Avoid costly destructive investigations with easy access to any point in time from your OpenSpace capture data.
  • Make your client happy by delivering an OpenSpace Offline Deliverable—a file with the full visual record of the project—as part of your closeout package.

Would you like to test out OpenSpace reality capture? Head to our free product demo where you can click around and view a real OpenSpace documented project.

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