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OpenSpace’s Best of 2022: International Clients

By Chris Balandran

December 19th, 2022

OpenSpace's best international case studies of 2022

At OpenSpace, we put a ton of emphasis on use cases for our technology and listen carefully to our customers’ stories so we can understand the scope of their work, their needs, and how to better support them.

One of the best things about working at OpenSpace is hearing how our reality capture technology helps builders all over the world to work more efficiently, get things done faster, and communicate more effectively with their teams. We love being a mission-driven organization, and these stories confirm that we’re making a difference for our customers.

As we reflect at the end of the year, we’re looking back on our clients’ most innovative work in 2022. In our first post in this series, we took a closer look at the innovative work of some of our specialty contractors. Now, we’re heading on a tour around the globe to celebrate customer case studies from all over the world. From general contractors and engineering companies to real estate developers, our international clients are developing exciting new use cases for OpenSpace and helping the construction industry evolve alongside technology.

How EEI creates accountability

Philippines-based EEI is one of Southeast Asia’s preeminent construction and engineering companies. Primarily working on large-scale industrial and commercial projects in addition to public infrastructure, the company was eager to integrate new technology into its company-wide workflows to create greater efficiency.

EEI first piloted OpenSpace on its massive Torre Lorenzo Leon project, a 42-story residential condominium in Quezon City, Metro Manila. Impressed by its speed and ease of use, the technology was soon integrated into 30 projects.

EEI is gaining greater visibility into every aspect of its projects, leading to improved conditions and better communication across teams and locations. Since every team member and stakeholder can access documentation for the most current site conditions, EEI has achieved greater accountability. The company is able to avoid costly rework and delays, subcontractors receive payments on time, it can flag issues quickly, and all parties enjoy great transparency at every stage of the build.

Learn more about how EEI leverages OpenSpace in this fascinating case study.

BESIX Watpac’s competitive advantage

BESIX Watpac is one of Australia’s leading general contractors. Recognizing that the construction industry was failing to leverage technology that could mitigate risk, reduce its cost base, and evolve with the economic and cultural landscape, the company wanted to discover solutions that could improve its operations.

BESIX Watpac first piloted OpenSpace in 2021 and quickly saw impressive results. Before long, the company was using the solution for capabilities beyond documentation, including the popular BIM Compare feature that lets teams identify discrepancies between the BIM and actual site conditions before they become major issues.

In 2022, following the success of the pilot, BESIX Watpac rolled out OpenSpace on all company projects. The technology is helping BESIX Watpac differentiate itself from competitors in several areas. For example, the company has seen massive leaps in accountability with subcontractors and can speedily resolve issues as they arise using historical photos taken with OpenSpace. Teams have also increased productivity and mitigated risk and rework, all of which helps keep each project on track and on budget.

Read this case study to dig deeper into BESIX Watpac’s innovative use of OpenSpace.

Enhanced efficiency at Sino Group

Sino Group has long nurtured startups from its home base in Hong Kong. As one of the leading property and real estate developers on the densely populated island, the company was interested in flexible AI solutions that could automate reporting and immediately alert leadership teams to emerging issues.

After one of the company’s global partners recommended OpenSpace, Sino Group demoed the technology in 2021 on its Tung Tau Yuen Long Town Lot No. 532 project, which consists of two 14-story office towers above a podium block with a shopping mall and basement car park. The company began with a dedicated employee capturing the site twice a week to create a 3D virtual walkthrough that could be remotely toured by team members.

Sino Group quickly found that OpenSpace helped reduce the number of supervisors on the job site, which lowered costs on the massive project significantly. The virtual tours also facilitated better communication with in-office leadership and sped up decision-making.

To discover how Sino Group is making its work more efficient, read this case study.

How Leighton Asia is saving time and money

Leighton Asia is one of the most well-known contractors in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. The company has worked on some of the most prestigious and complex projects in these countries. As it began to prioritize BIM modeling, which is now required in Hong Kong for many government projects, the company wanted to explore the latest technologies to align models with real-life sites while eliminating ad-hoc photo documentation systems that were time-consuming and incomplete.

When Leighton Asia tested OpenSpace, teams were impressed with the platform’s simplicity, ease of use, and thoroughness. The company decided to pilot the technology on a 600,000-square-foot government building in Hong Kong.

Since OpenSpace is so simple to use, it has since been integrated into more projects, helping the company match physical builds to their BIM models and avoid significant rework costs. For its staff distributed throughout Asia, the digital walkthroughs created by OpenSpace allow for better communication between teams, along with reduced hours and budget spent on travel. Ultimately, OpenSpace has accelerated project timelines and driven greater productivity.

Learn more about how Leighton Asia is staying on the cutting edge in this case study.

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