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How OpenSpace Helps Sino Group Enhance Operational Efficiency and Increase Productivity

Founded in 1971, Sino Group is a leading property developer in Hong Kong focused on building residential properties, offices, and industrial and retail properties for sale and investment in China (Hong Kong and Mainland), Singapore, and Australia.

The company wanted to utilize technology to streamline its construction processes and turned to OpenSpace. In particular, Sino Group needed AI-based technology that could deliver smart, autonomous reporting and monitoring alerts to field and project management teams. The company also required a solution that could integrate fully into its operations so that multiple departments and people with a wide range of specialties could leverage it easily.

Read this case study to learn how, working with OpenSpace, Sino Group has enhanced its operational efficiency, strengthened its remote project management capabilities, achieved significant time savings, and improved hand-offs to property management teams.

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“OpenSpace is an integrated solution that suits every tier of construction projects.”

Gary Chan

General Manager, Building Services

Sino Group

At OpenSpace, we’re on a mission to bring new levels of transparency to construction. We combine simple off-the-shelf 360° cameras, computer vision, and AI to make it incredibly easy to capture a complete visual record of a jobsite, share it via the cloud, and track progress remotely. Our customers have used the platform to capture more than ten billion square feet of jobsite imagery in over 600 million images of active construction projects, from jobsites in 91 countries across five continents.