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How BESIX Watpac Improved Subcontractor Accountability With OpenSpace

BESIX Watpac is a leading Australian multi-disciplinary construction company backed by a century of global expertise and financial strength. The firm specializes in complex construction across all sectors, including infrastructure and marine works.

Always looking out for promising new tech, BESIX Watpac piloted OpenSpace to reduce time spent on site walks—and quickly discovered other key reasons to deploy the technology across all of its projects. In particular, project teams could now compare actual job site conditions with the BIM model side by side to spot discrepancies earlier on. People could also look back at a job site at earlier points in time to see precisely where certain systems were installed, eliminating costly rework. Teams also found it much easier to hold subcontractors accountable with a single source of truth.

Read this case study to learn how, working with OpenSpace, BESIX Watpac reduced site documentation time by 90%, mitigated risk, improved productivity, and developed a capacity for successful remote project management.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this case study:

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“When you have an indisputable record of the history of the site, you can stand your ground and say, ‘We know what the facts are; now let’s get on with the job.’”

Seamus Egan

New Business Manager for Victoria and South Australia

BESIX Watpac

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