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How 360° Reality Capture Empowers Lean Construction Teams

By Merry Richter

April 20, 2023

Building featuring grass and trees in its design

The recent innovation in construction technology has powered the rise of 360° reality capture, an exciting, AI-based solution that is helping builders of all sizes to create more efficient workflows, improve collaboration, and unlock new opportunities to reduce waste and build more sustainably. In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share ways that builders can mitigate some of the environmental impacts of their projects through Lean construction practices.

The Lean Construction Institute defines Lean construction as a project delivery process that uses Lean methods of maximizing stakeholder value while reducing waste by emphasizing collaboration between teams on a project. The goal of Lean construction is to increase productivity, profits, and innovation in the industry.

Originally based on the principles of Lean manufacturing, Lean construction has evolved into a powerful way to deliver projects as efficiently as possible. By implementing Lean practices, project teams have a faster response time to conditions in the field, greater day-to-day control over how resources are allocated, and a more collaborative way of sequencing tasks for better flow. Teams that apply lean principles aim to avoid the “8 wastes,” which are: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, overprocessing, defects, and skills. In order to avoid these wastes, leading builders are using best practices and emerging technologies like reality capture to collaborate more effectively, avoid rework and destructive investigations, build with greater efficiency, reduce travel, and more.

Lean construction resources for builders

We asked some top OpenSpace customers to share how they approach Lean construction and to describe how reality capture is helping propel these efforts. They identified the top three challenges of Lean construction and explained how they apply technology to address them. We’ve captured their insights in our new whitepaper, Top 3 Challenges of Lean Construction and How Technology Can Help Overcome Them.

Download a copy today to learn how reality capture solutions like OpenSpace help construction companies adhere to lean principles by providing teams with an independent source of truth to work from and hold one another accountable—while also unlocking new operational efficiencies, providing greater visibility into the progress of work, and helping sustain improved communication.

You might also want to watch our on-demand webinar, How Lean Project Teams are Using 360° Photo Documentation to Reduce Waste and Improve Communication, which features Chris Davis, Lean Manager at Turner Construction Company. This session will walk you through valuable best practices for implementing Lean processes on your projects and help you understand how 360° photos positively impact the production planning process. You’ll also learn how automated photo documentation addresses the 8 wastes with case studies from Turner Construction projects.

And, to help ensure your teams are being as efficient as possible when walking jobsites to take captures, check out our handy 5-Minute Guide to Construction Photo Documentation. It shares essential best practices for jobsite photo documentation and equips you and your team with tools for better organization and faster jobsite capture to save time, spot issues faster, provide more transparency to stakeholders, and avoid costly rework. You’ll also get our top tips and camera recommendations to help you get started with 360° photo documentation.


Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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