The 5-Minute Guide to Construction Photo Documentation

5 minute guide to photo documentation

Manual photo documentation for construction is time-consuming, clunky, and often an ineffective way to record jobsite progress over time. Photos inevitably end up buried in a tangle of folders and logins. You might need to find a single photo among hundreds for a big OAC meeting and then realize it’s lost, or that you never took it in the first place.

Automated 360° photo documentation for construction is faster, easier, and way more powerful. 360˚ captures generate a full Google Street View-style record of the jobsite. That level of insight into progress makes it significantly easier to catch problems, keep a visual record for the lifetime of the project and the building, and share comprehensive updates with stakeholders remotely.

There are a few best practices you’ll want to follow, and in this guide we’ll walk you through all of them. Here are the 5 steps to better construction photo documentation:

  1. Choose the right type of camera
  2. Capture images like a pro
  3. Set a schedule to walk the jobsite
  4. Get buy-in from your team
  5. Become a power user of your 360˚ photo platform

The goal is to equip you with tools for better organization and faster jobsite capture so you can get time back, provide more transparency to stakeholders, and avoid rework.

To learn more about how to take better photos for construction documentation, download the whitepaper below.