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Understanding the ROI of OpenSpace with Balfour Beatty

At OpenSpace, we strive to help builders be more productive, and in this quick conversation, you’ll learn how Balfour Beatty reduced time spent on site documentation and image organization using OpenSpace reality capture, generating nearly $50K in savings that could be reallocated to other critical projects. You’ll hear from Senior Technology Specialist Bach Duong and Senior Project Engineer Gabrielle Mathelier, who offer tangible examples of how the technology makes their day-to-day jobs easier and how Balfour Beatty quantifies the value and ROI of OpenSpace.

Watch this brief video to discover how Balfour Beatty:

  • Reduced labor hours for documentation and image management using OpenSpace reality capture, saving nearly $50K to date on one project alone.
  • Wins more business and develops greater trust with owners by providing increased visibility.
  • Improves coordination with subcontractors by sharing access to capture data.
  • Benefits from easier access to historical and real-time data to analyze progress.
  • Enables broader and easier access to the BIM for field teams.
  • Uncovered surprising new use cases for OpenSpace, such as doing concrete pre-pour walks to document slabs faster and more completely and using the technology to identify missing structural steel embeds.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured here:

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About the Speakers

Bach Duong Headshot

Bach Duong

Senior Technology Specialist, TPD, Balfour Beatty US

Bach Duong is a Senior Technology Specialist, TPD at Balfour Beatty US. A Virginia Tech Alum that studied Building Construction with a focus on Virtual Design Construction. He is also the owner of the media company Binema LLC, which focuses on building audience engagement for clients through the strategic and artistic use of film and photography.
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Gabrielle Mathelier Headshot

Gabrielle Mathelier

Senior Project Engineer, Balfour Beatty

Gabrielle Mathelier is a Senior Project Engineer at Balfour Beatty, with nearly a decade of experience in the construction industry. Gabrielle holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology.
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Wesley DuBose headshot

Wesley DuBose

Customer Success Manager, OpenSpace

Wesley DuBose is a Customer Success Manager at OpenSpace, where he manages specialty contractor accounts in the Southeastern, mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern U.S. Wesley works closely with new and existing customers to support the roll-out of OpenSpace software at their companies and ensure teams achieve success with the product. Prior to joining OpenSpace, Wesley was an Assistant Project Manager with The Brandt Companies, where he found his passion for changing the construction industry for the better. Wesley earned a BASc in Construction Science from Texas A&M University.
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