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Save Time and Money with 360° Reality Capture

Imagine the power of seeing through walls.

A growing number of companies are transitioning to digital methods of construction project management. With improved documentation, BIM model comparison, and AI-powered insights, businesses are minimizing disputes, preventing delays, avoiding rework, and improving collaboration. With a 360° reality capture solution like OpenSpace, if questions arise, you can pull up an image from any date and time—there’s no need to rip out ceilings, slabs, or walls.

In our eBook, Save Time and Money with 360° Reality Capture, find detailed profiles of companies that have made the leap to image-based construction. Discover how they use OpenSpace to generate significant time and cost savings, and learn how their newfound, tech-enabled competencies have propelled them forward.

What’s inside?

Take this opportunity to consider how your company can benefit from the latest technologies. Read this eBook to:

  • Learn how you can avoid rework and delays with 360° images.
  • Discover how your teams can use 360° images to see behind walls and resolve conflict.
  • Explore how to compare actual site conditions to BIM, eliminating confusion.

It’s time to move to image-based construction—and doing so is much easier than you might think. Are you ready to learn more?

Download your free copy today!

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