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Maximizing the Value of OpenSpace with Admin Reports

We always love to hear how our customers use OpenSpace to simplify their day-to-day work. Watch this brief video for a quick demonstration of the OpenSpace Admin Reports feature, which provides customers with essential data on captures, field notes, and other platform activity. We also meet Raj Sidhu, Operations Systems Trainer at Chandos Construction, who shares how he leverages this feature to understand how teams use OpenSpace organization-wide and take timely action. 

Watch this short presentation for a demo of Admin Reports and learn how Chandos Construction uses this feature to:

  • Ensure teams are capturing projects at the company’s desired cadence.
  • Understand if certain users or teams need additional training or assistance.
  • Strengthen overall project management and system administration.
  • Improve collaboration with accounting and other departments.
  • Enable more data-rich communications with executives and clients.

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About the Speaker

Raj Sidhu Headshot

Raj Sidhu

Raj is a construction coordinator with more than a decade of industry experience, often serving as the primary contact between government agencies, project managers, consultants, clients, and on-site trade teams. Raj is experienced with delivering construction documents through all phases of the project lifecycle and has facilitated the on-time and on-budget completion of various multi-million dollar commercial projects.
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