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How Vinci Construction UK Uses OpenSpace to Create Efficiency

By Eva Obermaier

May 15, 2023

Vinci logo with building in background

Vinci Construction UK is a world leader in concessions, energy, and construction, with offices throughout the UK and Wales. With its diverse expertise across sectors, the company aims to provide civil engineering, facilities management, and technical testing and development to create structures that improve everyday life. Sixty percent of its business focuses on healthcare facilities; Vinci estimates that it has built more hospitals than any other contractor in the UK.

Vinci was searching for a documentation solution that could provide a comprehensive history of each site’s progress to smooth project management, enhance collaboration, and save time and money. To explore the possibilities, Vinci partnered with technology implementation specialists SEKTOR.build, which introduced the idea of integrating OpenSpace into Vinci’s operations.

Vinci tested OpenSpace on a single project and immediately saw its potential to speed up documentation and optimize other operational areas. Within three months of piloting OpenSpace, Vinci decided to use it on all of its projects and has expanded their use of the software.

Since deploying OpenSpace, Vinci estimates that it has saved more than 6,000 hours annually on documentation alone. Its ability to collect robust photographic evidence for verification before closeouts and compensating subcontractors has saved Vinci money on rework and issue resolution. Vinci also has seen improvements in communication and information flow, enabling better decision-making.

To learn more about how Vinci Construction UK is using OpenSpace to improve documentation and optimize project management, download the case study.

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