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How Vinci Construction UK Uses OpenSpace to Create Efficiency

Vinci Construction UK is a world leader in concessions, energy, and construction, with offices throughout the United Kingdom and Wales. The company provides civil engineering, facilities management, and technical testing and development across multiple sectors with a focus on healthcare facilities.

Vinci needed a robust documentation solution to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare projects and turned to OpenSpace. In particular, Vinci wanted to see a detailed record of each jobsite’s progress to streamline project management, strengthen collaboration, and save time and money. Vinci immediately saw the value of OpenSpace and rolled it out to every project.

Read this case study to learn how, working with OpenSpace, Vinci has saved more than 6,000 hours annually on documentation alone, while also reducing rework and issue resolution costs. Discover why the company credits OpenSpace with improvements in communication and information flow, which in turn have enabled better decision-making.

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“In terms of quality, customer support, and ability to help us meet KPIs, OpenSpace was clearly the most suitable.”

Marco Bonelli

Digital Leader

Vinci Construction

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