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Transforming Construction: The Future of BIM

By Ginger Nixon

February 16, 2024

comparing as-built to BIM

With the power that BIM holds, construction projects can be executed more effectively, resulting in reduced costs, improved sustainability, and better overall project outcomes. We’ve long known that the key to unlocking the full potential of BIM lies in bringing it to the field in an accessible and intuitive way for all stakeholders. 

BIM Compare in OpenSpace Capture has been one of the most utilized features by customers since its launch. Earlier this year we released OpenSpace BIM+, a new add-on product to OpenSpace Capture that further bridges the gap between the office and the field. This package of easy-to-use, self-serve 3D tools is designed specifically for those in the field. 

As technology evolves, so too do its users—they want more than point solutions. They need tools that work together and offer ease of use in the coordination process. Enter BCF export in OpenSpace BIM+. 

Field Notes in OpenSpace integrate easily with BIM coordination tools, resulting in streamlined communication and workflows. With our BCF export functionality, users can export multiple Field Notes to a BCF file and then import them as issues into any solution that accepts BCF format. Then you can access Field Notes directly from your BIM program, including all associated data as well as 3D coordinates (meaning your imported data lives in the correct coordinate space). 

To see how easy it is to import issues into your BIM coordination tool (in this case, Revizto) and communicate a deviation with a field coordination team, refer to the below video example. 

Further Evolving BIM Access

The future of BIM holds even greater promise as these technologies continue to evolve, leading the way in enhancing efficiency and collaboration both in the field and the office.

OpenSpace partner, and industry-leading Integrated Collaboration Platform, Revizto, has long made BIM access to the field a focus so that project teams can stay in-sync and collaborate more effectively. Using OpenSpace BIM+ together with tools like Revizto enables users to better connect the reality of what’s happening in the field to the BIM and the coordination process. 

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