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Shimizu Announces Enterprise Partnership with OpenSpace

By Chris Balandran

February 11, 2021

Shimizu Corporation has signed an enterprise partnership agreement with OpenSpace to use its 360° photo documentation and analytics platform in combination with its own construction data and expertise to enhance remote management of its construction sites.

OpenSpace, a venture-backed company based in San Francisco, uses computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to create next-generation construction management tools. In order to capture 360° images, a field worker walks the job site with a helmet-mounted camera. The OpenSpace platform captures an image every half-second and then utilizes its high-speed data processing and proprietary algorithms to give builders a digital replica of the site that can be viewed remotely by team members all over the world.

Shimizu began a trial of the OpenSpace platform in March 2020 and found it to be highly effective. When the COVID-19 pandemic imposed new challenges on construction, Shimizu allowed many overseas employees to temporarily return to Japan. During this time, the company used OpenSpace to monitor job sites and track events in the field remotely. The platform proved to be exceptionally useful in improving the communication and collaboration of teams globally.

Read the full announcement here.

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