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Frequency: The New Dimension for Digital Twins

This exciting technology is creating significant operational benefits

At OpenSpace, we deliver solutions enabling builders large and small to benefit from cutting-edge technology like AI and passive photo documentation. Another area of technological innovation we’re excited about is the growing use of “digital twins,” or digital replicas of physical spaces and structures.

In this whitepaper, Frequency: The New Dimension for Digital Twins, we share the evolution of digital twins, their benefits to project teams, and how adding a third dimension to their creation and maintenance—frequency—can bring even greater utility to the teams that employ them. The technology is helping companies to achieve profound operational efficiencies and cost savings.

What’s inside?

Read this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The rise of digital twins in the construction industry
  • The three main types of technologies that digital twins use: lidar point clouds, drone orthomosaics, and smartphone and 2D camera images
  • How to assess digital twins’ effectiveness in terms of resolution and completeness
  • The critical role of frequency in site documentation and the benefits of high frequency to project teams
  • How NOVO Construction’s documentation and image mapping became 20X faster, with 100X more images captured, by using this technology
  • Steps you can take to start leveraging the promise of high-frequency digital twins in your organization

Learn how digital twins can deliver immediate and long-term value to all stakeholders in a project, from construction field teams to facility managers and owners.

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