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New Zones: Track and Solve Issues More Efficiently

By Jeff Flores

March 7, 2024

Field Notes in OpenSpace makes it easy to capture detailed information about your project and send it to the right person—on the jobsite or in the office. Customers use Field Notes to keep track of observations, flag issues, streamline punch lists, and speed up RFIs. Already one of our most-used features, our new enhancement makes Field Notes even more efficient for communication and solving problems. Introducing Zones.

Track the Way You Build

Zones streamlines Field Note management by making it simple to create Zones on your sheets (floor plans) that match any area on your project that you want to track. For example, you can create Zones for rooms/units, sectors, or even for phases of your work (such as “Courtyard phase 2”). By creating Zones, you don’t need to manually tag each Field Note to denote location. Instead, OpenSpace automatically tags your notes by the Zone (or Zones) in which they reside.

Saving you even more time, when you add a new Zone or update an existing Zone, OpenSpace reanalyzes all your Field Notes to ensure they’re tagged to match your updates. With all your Field Notes automatically mapped to Zones, it’s a snap to filter and report by area so you can quickly view progress and status of the electrical room, unit 5, sector B, concrete pour phase 1, or anything you’ve defined.

Zones for Field Notes expedites and improves progress monitoring by:

  • Giving Admins the power to easily create and manage Zones that match specific areas of a project or phasing for how a project gets built.
  • Easily copying Zones you’ve defined for one sheet to another sheet (or multiple sheets)—perfect if you have a project with multiple floors with the same layout.
  • Automatically tagging by your custom Zones for easy organization (plus eliminating time-consuming and disorganized manual steps).
  • Ensuring accurate reporting of the location or phase for which you want the latest information.

Watch a demonstration of how OpenSpace Site Admins can create and manage Field Notes Zones:

According to David Smith, Technology Integration Specialist at Vankirk Electric, “Zones has been a game-changer for us. We rely heavily on Field Notes to manage and track the progress of our projects. However, with over 1,700 Field Notes on a single project, finding the right information on demand hasn’t been ideal. Zones takes it to the next level by allowing us to label our work areas at a granular level. Now whenever Field Notes are created they’re automatically tagged to the area they are located in. This ultimately speeds up the pace of Field Note creation and ensures greater accuracy of the data being garnered through OpenSpace.”

Learn More

To learn how to set up and use Zones, head to our Support article. If you want to know more about our Field Notes feature in OpenSpace Capture and how you can use it for powerful image-based workflows, check out our Field Notes web page.

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