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How to Maximize the Value of OpenSpace Using Admin Reports

By Merry Richter

March 20, 2023

Maximizing the value of OpenSpace with Admin Reports

At OpenSpace, we’re all about simplifying how the world gets built, and it’s particularly meaningful when we hear how our customers leverage OpenSpace to build better and faster. Previously, we shared a customer conversation exploring how Lee Kennedy Company uses OpenSpace to optimize its operations using Shared Folders and other popular features throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

In this new conversation, we focus on the OpenSpace Admin Reports feature and learn about the operational insights it delivers. We hear from Raj Sidhu, Operations Systems Trainer at Chandos Construction, who describes how he uses Admin Reports to optimize system administration and project management. Specifically, he explains how he uses this feature to ensure teams are capturing projects at the company’s desired cadence and to understand if certain users or teams need additional assistance, among other use cases.

In upcoming conversations, we’ll hear how Balfour Beatty quantifies the value of using OpenSpace and dig into how OpenSpace customers benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

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