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OpenSpace Makes 360° Photo Documentation Easy, Even for Spot the Robot

By Chris Balandran

October 2, 2020


Our goal at OpenSpace is to give you full transparency into your job site whenever and wherever you need it. Construction firms love our cutting-edge technology because it makes the process of capturing 360° photos so easy.  

With OpenSpace, you simply turn on the camera and start your walkthrough. Your captures will automatically be mapped to the correct location on your floor plan. 

In fact, we recently proved that capturing 360° photos with OpenSpace is quite easy—even when a robot “dog” is carrying the camera. 

One of the most famous robots in the world, known as Spot, the “robot dog,” was created by the engineering firm Boston Dynamics. HITT Construction recently partnered with Boston Dynamics, FARO, and OpenSpace to conduct a demo that explored Spot’s ability to improve efficiency on a construction site. 

With plenty of onlookers enjoying the spectacle, a 360° camera was mounted on top of the robot and it was let loose to walk through the building. After the walkthrough, a HITT Construction manager stopped the capture and uploaded it to OpenSpace. 

As we expected, Spot captured photos effortlessly and our software had no problem processing them and mapping them to the correct place on the floor plan. No preplanning, no integration, no waypoints.  It just works.

Our CEO, Jeevan Kalanithi, said “At OpenSpace, we are focused on building the easiest, fastest way to document a job site. We’re always looking for new ways to serve our customers. Since our technology automatically pins photos in the correct place on your floor plan, it doesn’t matter if a robot is the one capturing the images. We look forward to implementing further integrations using cutting-edge technology.”  

The demo with HITT proved that our robust 360° photo documentation tool can still work when an autonomous robot does the walkthrough of the job site. The benefit of using OpenSpace is you can simply turn on your 360° camera, walk your site, and capture a full, up-to-date view of the entire job site. Our software maps all the photos to your plans within just 15 minutes on average. 

What separates OpenSpace from its competitors is the AI underlying our software. Our team is made up of experienced engineers and AI experts. That is one reason why our technology is the fastest and easiest to use. We plan to continue investing to make sure OpenSpace is the technological leader in this industry. If you’re ready to take the next step and see how OpenSpace can help your team build better and faster, let’s start a conversation.

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