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More Efficient QA/QC with 360° Reality Capture

See through walls and ceilings to rapidly respond to issues.

Jobsite image capture is a critical component of documenting work throughout the construction process. The data assists project teams with quality control and inspections, helps identify safety hazards, and can even be leveraged as a point of reference following project completion to assist owners and facilities teams.

In our eBook, More Efficient QA/QC with 360° Reality Capture, we explore how several builders are successfully leveraging 360° image capture to expedite and improve their quality processes. Discover the benefits that this technology could bring to your own company.

What’s inside?

Take this opportunity to consider how your company can benefit from the latest technologies. Read this eBook to learn:

  • The benefits of doing QA/QC with 360° images.
  • How to conduct a virtual walkthrough with 360° images.
  • How some top builders are using 360° images for QA/QC on civil construction and horizontal construction projects.

It’s time to move to image-based construction—and doing so is much easier than you might think. Are you ready to learn more?

Download your free copy today!

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