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JJ Rhatigan Utilises OpenSpace for More Efficient Operations

Headquartered in Galway, JJ Rhatigan & Company is a leading main contractor providing innovative, sustainable construction solutions to build a better future in Ireland and the UK. The company has built a reputation for excellence and stays true to the family-run business principle of maintaining integrity in every company endeavor.

Sonny McAnulty, a Digital Construction Manager at JJ Rhatigan, oversees the delivery and implementation of the company’s digital tools. He was on the search for a documentation solution that would increase operational efficiency as well as provide evidence to resolve potential disputes—plus the technology needed to be easy to use. Sonny told us their previous photo documentation process was disorganised, “It was predominantly ad hoc and didn’t provide a complete picture.”

JJ Rhatigan ran a trial of OpenSpace Capture on a pilot project during which some key subcontractor packages were changed. Fortunately this didn’t disrupt the team’s progress. In fact, their OpenSpace captures made it easy to see what work was done before and what work was done after the subcontractor change. The company is now rolling out OpenSpace enterprise-wide.

Get the case study for all the details including how employees from a variety of roles at JJ Rhatigan are benefitting from OpenSpace according to an internal company survey.

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