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OpenSpace Reality Capture: Field and Office Collaboration

From the office to the field and back again, collaboration in construction is highly cross-functional and involves the efforts of many individuals, teams, and partners to get the job done right—field engineers, project engineers, project managers, supers, specialty trade partners, architects, and owners, to name just a few of the stakeholders involved in a typical project.

Filmed on location at a Nibbi Brothers General Contractors project on Treasure Island near San Francisco, this video demonstrates collaboration in construction in a tangible way, showing how builders that collaborate using OpenSpace reality capture are simplifying tasks, saving time and money, and avoiding headaches every day. Watch as we bring elements of a project to life and see how many ways the team leverages OpenSpace to quickly provide a progress report and resolve an issue.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this video and get to know Nibbi:

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