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PR Newswire: OpenSpace Launches Three New Procore Integrations; Virtual Site Walks Now Embeddable Directly in Procore

By Emily Rennie

 Image: Lee Kennedy Project Image: Lee Kennedy Project

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — OpenSpace, the leader in automated 360° photo documentation and analysis, today announced three new integrations with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, deepening the existing shared capabilities between the two platforms. The new features include the ability to embed OpenSpace virtual walkthroughs inside of Procore projects, as well as two new integrations with Procore’s RFI and Observations workflows. These new features streamline visual documentation, RFIs and QA/QC processes for builders, among other benefits.

Developed in collaboration with Procore, these new integrations allow builders to experience the full suite of OpenSpace’s virtual walkthrough, progress analysis, and new RFI and Observation creation workflows, all without ever leaving Procore. These features will benefit builders by providing a full site visual record and making it possible to automatically attach visual references and precise project locations on floor plans to RFIs and Observations. Having this visual and location context readily available reduces ambiguity and simplifies collaboration among multiple stakeholders.

“We’ve been excited to work closely with OpenSpace and Procore to bring the most innovative technology to our projects,” said Grant Hagen, VDC Manager at The Beck Group.

This integration builds on OpenSpace’s ongoing efforts to reduce friction between different construction software products by creating a solution that simplifies the experience for builders.

“One of the most important features of OpenSpace is that it automates documentation, making it easier and faster without adding any additional work,” said Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO and co-founder of OpenSpace. “When it comes to how we fit in with other software products, we want to have the same effect, which is why we’re excited to be deepening our partnership with Procore. They are a leader in the construction technology field, and we’re proud to be working together with them to simplify builders’ experience with technology.”

“Builders around the world rely on Procore to organize and streamline construction workflows, and we are thrilled to expand these capabilities with the new Embedded Experience application from OpenSpace,” said Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager at Procore. “Having access to frequent and complete visual documentation improves communication across a job site, especially for things like RFIs and Observations. By embedding key OpenSpace documentation features into Procore, we’re providing a value-add for our customers using the field’s most cutting-edge technology.”

The new integration will be on display at Procore’s annual Groundbreak conference, held Oct. 8-10 in Phoenix. Demos will be provided at Booth 1106. You can also learn more about OpenSpace’s Embedded Experience on Procore’s App Marketplace.

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