June 13 webinar:  Cleveland Electric & OpenSpace use cases

Our Virtual Jobsite Experience Using OpenSpace

By Emily Rennie

It’s no secret that the construction industry has carried a reputation for being antiquated and behind the times with new technology. It’s time to dismantle that stereotype. For years, Skyline has actively invested in the tools to streamline jobsites and provide the best client experience. We focus on hiring staff with diverse perspectives, and make it a priority to invest in technologies that make our business run efficiently.

While COVID-19 has presented new challenges to our industry, having a running start on the latest technology allows our teams to seamlessly work on projects from remote locations. One of the most useful technologies we use is OpenSpace. Amid concerns regarding exposure and social distancing, OpenSpace provides a virtual platform to conduct job walks and involve multiple stakeholders while keeping everyone in-tune with the progress of the project from remote locations.

Our in-house technology training team worked side by side with OpenSpace long before Shelter-in-Place (SIP) began, developing best practices for our teams. When we needed to temporarily step away from the jobsite due to SIP orders, our partnership with OpenSpace allowed us to keep projects running smoothly and on-time while giving great visibility to our clients and project partners. OpenSpace has reported a surge in business over the past few months; having this tool already weaved into our process allowed us to skip the start up, training and implementation and transition into our “new normal” with ease.



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