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OpenSpace Launches BIM Product at Waypoint Event

By Merry Richter

The construction photogrammetry leader extends value of reality capture to BIM users and rolls out additional innovations.

At its Waypoint 2023 Annual Summit June 8, construction photogrammetry leader OpenSpace announced it was extending the insights from its reality capture solution deeper into the construction enterprise with tools that extend it deeper into building information modeling (BIM).

In March, Openspace rolled out mobile app feature BIM Compare, which enables field workers to easily navigate and view their model side-by-side with actual site conditions. But at Waypoint, they announced OpenSpace BIM+, a microsuite of BIM features to extend their OpenSpace Capture product for:

  • BIM analysis tools that drive insights by overlaying BIM, 360° photos and point cloud data
  • BIM coordination tools that make OpenSpace Capture’s popular field note feature an integral part of BIM workflows enabling streamlined workflows facilitated by OpenSpace’s new partner Revizto, Navisworks or BIM Track
  • Model management tools to improve revision control which is crucial when plan revisions overlap with the construction timeline thanks to Autodesk model import, support for multiple models, and model usage reporting

OpenSpace BIM+ also exports to BCF and improves the user experience for field users by caching BIM data on the device as a hedge against poor connectivity.

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