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How time machines are helping build the future!

By Merry Richter

As the MENA region experiences a wave of rapid urbanisation, it’s again becoming a hotspot for awe-inspiring architectural feats and pioneering megaprojects. The region is in the midst of a remarkable transformation characterised by the development of sprawling, cutting-edge cities, and the introduction of innovative urban concepts. On this ambitious journey, technology is – more than ever – serving as a critical enabler and driving force.

With ambitious and aggressive plans and delivery schedules – against a backdrop of construction industry challenges such as rising costs and skilled labour shortages – it’s more important than ever to ‘do more with less’ by making quicker, more informed project decisions whilst simultaneously maximising workflow efficiencies.

How can key stakeholders track project progress across multiple sites without necessarily needing to be physically present? How can they reduce travel to, often, vast, remote locations but still make timely informed decisions? How can the time spent not travelling be reallocated to other important areas of work? How can sustainability goals be met and less site footfall be achieved, where desired? How can the use of AI really start reliably assisting the construction sector? These are all important questions that need answers, quickly.

Amidst the vast array of technologies revolutionising the construction industry, 360° Reality Capture and AI analytics has quickly emerged as a standout innovation that is redefining project visibility and execution via an image-based approach.

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