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Construction Tech And The Future Of Workers In The Industry

By Emily Rennie

The quickly evolving field of construction tech is increasing demand for a new kind of construction worker, one with a comprehensive understanding of emerging technologies as well as the built environment.

Across all the skilled trades, a shortage of tech-focused workers is emerging alongside advancements in digitization. Leading construction companies are quickly introducing new roles that emphasize the need for workers with a mix of computational knowledge, project management skills and real-world understanding of the needs, challenges and realities of the construction site.

While today’s technology stack offers incredible solutions for upgrading the build process, improving site conditions and helping tradespeople work better, faster and more efficiently in the field, the industry is struggling to keep up with the demand for those with the skills and knowledge to manage and implement these tools successfully.

This introduces an opportunity to entice younger, more tech-savvy workers to the field. As builders turn to technology to increase productivity, improve site and safety conditions, and reduce the cost and timeline of construction, the modernization of construction processes will require a workforce ready to integrate their tech-focused knowledge and skill sets with industry strategy. This pivot places Gen Z and millennials in an advantageous position when competing for careers within the construction industry.

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