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“OpenSpace is 5X faster than its competitors and orders-of-magnitude faster than manual capture.”

Jacob Freitas
Project Manager, Level 10 Construction

“You can take 100 photos of every room manually, and I guarantee that the one photo you need won’t be there. That’s where OpenSpace is great. It captures sites thoroughly and fast, organizes imagery without any effort, and makes it searchable later when you need it.”

Adam Settino
Director of Virtual Design & Construction, Lee Kennedy Company

“We were faced with an extremely aggressive schedule, but OpenSpace’s 360 photo documentation devices helped me manage the installation with the trade partners and keep the project on track.”

Max Sanchez
Assistant Superintendent, Suffolk Construction

“OpenSpace’s software is a game-changer. Having it as a premium offering for our clients is a differentiator for our business, and solidifies JLL’s position as providing the most innovative, best-in-class solutions to its clients.”

Todd Burns
President, JLL

“In the past, I would fall behind, because I typically do captures at the end of the day. It took so long to download the imagery from the camera, save it, and upload it. With OpenSpace, it’s immensely faster, because the capture is connected to the project plan and the imagery is automatically positioned on the plans.”

Tyler Rohde
pe, novo
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