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Reduce risk and increase efficiency with OpenSpace for healthcare projects

The 5 Challenges of Building for Healthcare

We spoke with a few of our top customers to learn more about the challenges and opportunities for healthcare builders—and how reality capture technology is helping them succeed.

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Case Studies

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How Boldt Uses OpenSpace to Keep Healthcare Projects on Schedule


The Boldt Company has been building hospitals, clinics, wellness centers and other healthcare facilities for more than 50 years. Like any construction company working in this sector, they’ve had to contend with its unique challenges. Read the case study to learn Boldt uses OpenSpace to make certain workflows and processes more efficient.


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How OpenSpace Helps Kitchell Improve the Profitability of Hospital Projects


With 60% of its work in the healthcare sector, Kitchell was looking for ways to reduce risk and be a more efficient partner to its stakeholders. The company also wanted to improve its handoff process with hospital facilities departments, which usually aren’t involved in construction and are often left flying blind when issues arise (since they have no idea what’s behind the sheetrock or under the concrete).


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RG Construction Case Study on Automated Progress Tracking


A specialty drywall contractor based in Chicago, RG Construction struggled with manual progress tracking because of how onerous it was. The company understood that reliable progress tracking would deliver several benefits, including facilitation of on- time payments and better adherence to lean construction principles, and wanted to explore technologies that could make it possible in a time-efficient way.


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OpenSpace Overview

Boldt + OpenSpace

RG Construction + OpenSpace

Building for healthcare comes with unique challenges. General contractors are often asked to renovate a facility without interrupting the daily flow of patients in and out of the existing building. Because of the heightened risk of healthcare projects, builders are held to an exceptionally high standard of work. That’s where 360˚ video documentation for construction comes in: in order to navigate through challenges successfully, builders need a solution for clearly documenting and recording progress to eliminate rework.