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The 5 Challenges of Building for Healthcare

Learn how to overcome them with the latest technology.

Healthcare construction has always been complex, with its unique physical constraints and specific protocols to ensure patient safety. And with the wide array of expensive equipment involved and the precision work requiring specialty contractors, it’s no surprise that healthcare projects can take up to twice as long as others to complete and cost up to twice as much per square foot.

But the global pandemic introduced even more challenges and complexity—and urgency—to healthcare construction projects. With fewer people allowed on job sites, general contractors, construction management professionals, specialty contractors, and owners have faced new operational challenges to overcome in order to stay afloat and continue their important work.

OpenSpace’s whitepaper, The 5 Challenges of Building for Healthcare, offers actionable insights and strategies for addressing the current challenges we’re seeing in healthcare construction. This whitepaper will also help you understand how adopting innovative AI-based technology can help your business thrive.

What’s inside?

Read on for some essential scaffolding, and consider this your primer for future-proofing your business. You’ll learn more about:

  • The complexity of keeping healthcare facilities operational during construction
  • The strict protocols you must follow to ensure patient safety
  • Ways to address the challenges of installing expensive equipment in tight spaces
  • New technology-enabled strategies for more effective team coordination
  • How AI can help you show real-time progress to project stakeholders

Get insights from companies that are using OpenSpace to fuel their digital transformation journey to help you start the conversation in your own company.

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