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Highlights of Waypoint 2023: Bringing BIM to the field

By Jennifer Toton

June 15th, 2023

Waypoint 2023 recap banner

Waypoint 2023 is in the books, and we were thrilled to discuss the future of reality capture and coordination on the jobsite with such a lively and engaged global audience. On June 8th, more than 300 construction professionals tuned in live for our annual customer summit, and we also welcomed customers to our in-person Community Summit and Waypoint watch party in San Francisco.

Each year at Waypoint, we convene and connect with a wide range of construction industry professionals, provide a platform for selected customers to share their learnings and expertise, and announce new products and features. From Macao to Mexico and India to Israel, we were excited to once again host a diverse, global audience for this event. Thanks to all who took the time to attend! If you want to relive the highlights or see what you missed, watch all three sessions in their entirety here.

This year, our theme for Waypoint was Simple & Fast Coordination: Connecting Field & VDC Through Reality Capture. Reality capture is altering the way builders get things done, and the story is just beginning. In this event, we shared the next chapter, namely how the latest advancements in 360° reality capture and AI fundamentally simplify coordination between field and VDC teams. Customers from Kitchell, Humphrey Rich Construction Group, Amesbury Companies, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, Rosendin Electric, and MAPP Construction also took the stage to describe how OpenSpace enables greater coordination and efficiency, improves quality and safety, and mitigates risk. Here are some of the topics we covered.

Our continuing mission: simplify the way the world is built

OpenSpace CEO Jeevan Kalanithi kicked off the event with a retrospective of OpenSpace’s recent growth and major developments and also shared his technology vision for the company and our industry moving forward. Jeevan explained that OpenSpace is guided by four core principles: scale, reliability, speed, and innovation. Let’s dig into each of these.


Jeevan pledged OpenSpace’s ongoing commitment to providing technology and support models that will easily scale to meet our customers’ evolving needs, whether you’re deploying OpenSpace on a single project or expanding to a global portfolio. Jeevan revealed that the estimated value of projects on the OpenSpace platform currently exceeds $470 billion and that the platform processes more than 13 million images per week—representing nearly 20 billion square feet of data captured to date by more than 150,000 users in 93 countries. Suffice it to say an organization of any size and scope has a home on our platform (the U.S. Government is already on board!).


Next, Jeevan outlined steps we’ve taken to ensure customers can continue to rely on OpenSpace now and in the future. Our platform is highly available, maintaining 99.999% uptime. OpenSpace servers are situated worldwide, with locations in the USA, Germany (EU), UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, Canada, and most recently, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We earned SOC 2 Type 2 certification last year and are working on attaining FedRAMP compliance.


Jeevan and VP of Product Neel Sheth walked through valuable functionality we’ve introduced to keep you ahead of the curve. They showcased features such as background uploads in OpenSpace Capture (set-it-and-forget-it capturing is here!) and trackers for walls and ceilings, doors, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, concrete, and flooring in OpenSpace Track that make it a snap to see what’s been installed and what’s needed to finish on or ahead of schedule. Through these and other enhancements, we are helping builders accelerate their work exponentially.


Jeevan announced some powerful innovations that are allowing OpenSpace to continue pushing the envelope. Advancements in technology are enabling denser point clouds and a richer experience around measurements, which can now be obtained and then used as part of workflows (such as by logging a field note with measurements overlaid). We’re supporting multiple new ingestion methods to help you capture and share jobsite conditions more quickly, including drones (announced earlier this year) and laser scanners. We’ve also released an auto-enhancement feature for improved image quality, capture heatmaps, and many other features requested by our customers to improve field and VDC team coordination. And then there was the unveiling of OpenSpace BIM+ which unlocks the power of BIM.

Unlocking the potential of BIM in the field with OpenSpace BIM+

At Waypoint, we examined numerous ways that OpenSpace is unlocking the unrealized potential of BIM to make it easier for field and VDC teams to get the job done together. Customers shared vivid examples of how OpenSpace helps them keep reality and the model in sync to accelerate decision-making, minimize disputes, avoid rework, and save precious money and time through tighter coordination and improved communication.

Revizto CEO and Founder Arman Gukasyan also joined us to announce our new strategic partnership, which will create additional efficiencies that further strengthen coordination between office and field teams.

But the icing on the cake was our announcement of our newest product, OpenSpace BIM+, which, using BIM,  empowers everyone on the team to navigate 3D models on-site without specialized skills or hardware. For the first time, field teams can easily find the answers to their questions and coordinate the next steps directly with the office and all project team members, freeing up VDC managers’ time for more critical-path work. Explore OpenSpace BIM+ and join the waitlist to be among the first to start using it.

To bring it all together, we debuted a new video that illustrates how owners, GCs, and trades can come together to create beautiful structures that enrich how we live, work, and play.


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