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A salute to teamwork: MAPP Construction and OpenSpace

By Chris Balandran

September 5, 2023

MAPP project team atop The National WWII Museum

MAPP Construction recently completed Phase 7 of The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, using OpenSpace reality capture. It was a challenging project due to the building’s complicated design, which includes an array of unusual angles and shapes—and no right angles in sight.

Watch this inspiring video to go behind the scenes of this important project and get a closer look at the challenges the team faced to understand how the technology added value.

Overcoming unique challenges with OpenSpace

Beyond the historical significance of the structure and the enormous sacrifices it honors, what made the project special to the team was the strong collaboration MAPP enjoyed with the owner, trade partners, architects, exhibit designers and fabricators, and numerous consultants. Using OpenSpace meant that the geographically distributed team could work remotely by taking virtual walkthroughs of the site, saving significant time and money on avoided travel. In addition, the technology provided an indisputable source of truth and greater transparency that kept the project on track and everyone on the same page.

Moreover, the complexity of the building demanded tighter coordination than usual, while the Museum’s angular design required the use of BIM on-site. According to the team, OpenSpace was a perfect solution on both counts. Normally, to allow instant access to a BIM model in the field, the team would have needed a lot of specialty hardware and a dedicated team member with specific skills, but neither of these options was possible. Instead, the web-based BIM integration that OpenSpace provides gave the team direct and easy access to the model using their mobile devices in a user-friendly split view, ensuring everyone had the latest information.

OpenSpace even helped bridge a language barrier on the project by making it easy for a trade partner with limited English proficiency to navigate the BIM and communicate effectively with the rest of the team. MAPP benefited greatly from the self-service aspects of using OpenSpace. Anyone on the team was able to see the entire project using the “Hub”—an on-site technology station equipped with OpenSpace and a read-only version of Procore—to answer their own questions and keep things moving. The super estimated this alone saved 20-30% of his time on the project.

MAPP project team atop The National WWII Museum

Discover the value of reality capture

There’s even more to the story. Watch this on-demand webinar to explore the Museum build in greater detail, hear more stories about the project, and get valuable tips from the team on how to get the most out of OpenSpace.

You’ll quickly understand why MAPP was able to earn new business from the owner on this project. Start a conversation with us to see how your own team can benefit from a reality capture solution.

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