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Renaming ClearSight to OpenSpace Track

By Jennifer Toton

October 5, 2022

OpenSpace Track

Today we renamed ClearSight Progress Tracking to OpenSpace Track. Did you miss this news? Good! It’s not a splashy announcement—the idea is that this new name is simpler and matches how you, our customers, already describe the product.

A core value we have at OpenSpace is “Simplify everything.” This core value translates to our products by keeping the user experience simple and easy to use. Our product naming should be no different, and we’ve realized that OpenSpace ClearSight Progress Tracking is not simple. The name lent itself to inconsistency—we heard it referred to by the full name, by ClearSight, and at other times by Progress Tracking.

Like OpenSpace Capture, the name OpenSpace Track is short, descriptive, and memorable. We’re excited to make this change official today as we previewed new capabilities of OpenSpace Track at Waypoint, our annual customer summit.

OpenSpace Track leverages your captures by quantifying your construction site progress—it’s the fastest and easiest way to track and validate percent complete, quantity installed, and the rate of work. If you’re not yet using OpenSpace Track, now is the perfect time to consider what it could do for your next project. Learn more about this exciting offering today!

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