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OpenSpace BIM+ Brings Model Analysis to the Field for Polk Mechanical

By Jeff Flores

March 5th, 2024

Texas-based mechanical contractor, Polk Mechanical, is renowned for fostering strong partnerships and delivering high-performance results. Polk is committed to pursuing new technologies and tools, deploying only those they’re confident will make a significant difference to their employees and workflows. This commitment led Polk to partner with OpenSpace on the development of our new product, OpenSpace BIM+. We talked with Ben Brown (VP of Virtual Construction) and Brandon Burback (General Superintendent), about their experience evaluating OpenSpace BIM+ as Early Access customers and summarized their findings in a case study.

New Tools to Improve Office and Field Coordination

Polk’s construction projects typically include building information modeling (BIM)—integrating the 3D model for important tasks like coordination and installation sequencing. The challenge, however, is that using BIM takes expertise and requires proficiency in complicated software that many in the field don’t have. So BIM adoption in the field was limited and team members had to rely on VDC resources to get what they needed. To resolve this issue, Ben and Brandon eagerly began testing OpenSpace BIM+.

Read the full case study for details on the positive results they’re seeing—how OpenSpace BIM+ features like Saved Views and multiple model support are helping Polk work more efficiently. This new access to BIM for the field means easy model viewing and navigating, which translates to faster problem solving and less reliance on VDC experts.

Try OpenSpace

OpenSpace BIM+ is an add-on to OpenSpace Capture. Head to our free product demo where you can click around and view a real OpenSpace documented project.

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