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OpenSpace optimizes construction through improved data and efficiency

By Chris Balandran

August 28, 2023

Construction team collaborating with laptop

We were stoked to see our partners Suffolk and Shepherd featured in The New York Times recently (along with an OpenSpace camera on a hard hat!) in an in-depth look at how construction is evolving. The revolution is being captured!

The AEC industry may have a reputation for being slow to adopt technology, but it has seen a surge in tech investments in the past couple of years. According to McKinsey, about $50 billion was invested in AEC tech between 2020 and 2022, which is 85% higher than the previous three years.

While artificial intelligence doesn’t actually build high-rises, it’s playing a pivotal role in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency on construction sites. Builders equipped with the latest technology are propelling the industry forward as they leverage drones, cameras, mobile apps, and robots to capture jobsites, addressing long-standing challenges of timelines, waste, and efficiency in the process. Reality capture is at the heart of this digital transformation in construction, and OpenSpace is dramatically reshaping how projects are managed and executed.

OpenSpace offers an innovative solution that accelerates construction site capture and enables highly accurate progress tracking, which in turn facilitates better coordination of tasks and teams. Using OpenSpace, a team member simply attaches a 360° camera to a hardhat and walks the site as normal. The camera captures a complete visual record of the project hands-free, and the data is then stitched together automatically to create comprehensive, navigable virtual site walks. This revolutionary approach has transformed how builders and specialty contractors manage and deliver their projects. Rather than relying solely on static images or cumbersome documentation processes, OpenSpace provides an immersive and accurate visual representation of a project’s progress over time.

The integration of AI and machine learning models into OpenSpace’s platform further elevates its capabilities. Customers can compare their BIM model and as-built side by side to ensure actual site conditions adhere to the design intent. Machine learning algorithms analyze the collected visual data, identifying patterns and discrepancies and learning over time as the site is captured throughout a project. OpenSpace offers AI-powered trackers for walls, ceilings, doors, flooring, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and concrete to accurately quantify jobsite progress automatically and keep projects on schedule.

By placing unprecedented AI-driven data and insights into the hands of all project team members and stakeholders, OpenSpace is helping the industry move from a reactive approach to a proactive one, ultimately reducing risk and delays. This data-driven approach empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions, anticipate challenges, adjust timelines more effectively, and improve quality and worker safety.

OpenSpace’s success story is emblematic of the broader narrative unfolding in construction technology. Discover how your own company can benefit from a reality capture solution by requesting a free consultation with one of our experts. Not ready to chat yet? Explore how leading builders like Suffolk are unlocking new sources of efficiency and revenue with reality capture.

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