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Announcing OpenSpace Academy: Free, On-Demand Training

By Chris Balandran

February 28, 2023

Announcing OpenSpace Academy

OpenSpace can provide so much value, like documenting your site 10-20x faster than manual methods and saving up to 50% on travel costs. Fortunately, OpenSpace is easy to use, and our customers come up with new use cases every day. Yet we often hear from customers who are wondering if they’re using OpenSpace “the right way.” While there isn’t just one right way to use OpenSpace, we do know some of the best ways to use it, and we want to share our insights and best practices.

To unlock the full potential of OpenSpace, you may be looking for some inspiration and examples. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of OpenSpace Academy, a helpful set of short online courses.

What is OpenSpace Academy?

OpenSpace Academy is our new learning platform of on-demand courses with easy-to-follow instructions and tips on the best ways to make maximum use of OpenSpace tools and features. Follow our short courses to set up a new project, take your first site walk, and navigate your jobsite with ease. (Plus, you’ll get a very shareable certificate upon course completion!)

What can I learn with OpenSpace Academy?

To start, we’re offering four courses that teach the fundamentals of 360° reality capture, as well as brief, feature-specific modules to show you the ins and outs of our powerful tools like 3D Scan, Split View, Field Notes, and BIM Compare. We’ll add more courses on a regular basis with content covering every aspect of reality capture to help you discover how OpenSpace adds value at every stage of construction, from precon to handoff.

  • OpenSpace fundamentals courses: Whether you need to set up a new project, capture your site, or navigate through your 360° virtual building, we have a course for you!
  • OpenSpace feature modules: Learn how to use key OpenSpace features like 3D Scan and Split View to the fullest in these helpful modules and understand how our available integrations can help streamline your workflows.

Are you ready for a fascinating learning experience? Enroll in OpenSpace Academy for free. Class is in session at your convenience—we’ll see you there!

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