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2023 Review: Added Efficiency with OpenSpace Product Enhancements

By Jeff Flores

December 13, 2023

OpenSpace technology was built on a strong foundation of images, because images simplify communication. And with simplified communication, project teams move faster. You move faster. This past year we’ve made big investments in building enhancements that strengthen that foundation, making it even more efficient to document and share what’s happening in the field. Below are highlights of what our product and engineering teams have delivered, and examples of how to take advantage of these easy-to-use features.

Capturing with OpenSpace

Taking a capture when walking the job fits right into your regular workflow. To make capturing your jobsite even more seamless, we introduced our QuickConnect feature (the only in the industry)—pull out your phone and easily connect your 360 camera to the OpenSpace app. Once connected, check out what areas of the job have already been covered using the new Capture Coverage Heatmap. When you’re done capturing, feel free to immediately move on to your next task because with Background Uploads, you don’t need to wait around managing an upload process. You’ll get pinged when the upload is complete.

Back at the office, easily share how the project is progressing with Timelapse Videos. Simply click a button to generate a video from your OpenSpace 360° images, giving all project team members, on-site or off, a quick glimpse of the project.

Coordinating the Field

OpenSpace is a great tool for better coordination in the field—making tasks you might do on a normal work day easier and faster. Walking the job with an inspector? Bring OpenSpace along to help manage the action items that come out of the walk. This year we added the ability to attach multiple images to Field Notes, so you have the flexibility to include close up shots and capture any details the inspector points out. You can also scroll through the Field Note Gallery to show the inspector before and after photos about previous comments.

As you continue your walk and are creating field notes for any items that are called out, instantly assign those notes to the responsible team member. You can even add Custom Statuses to make sure the entire project team understands the state of each item. If an inspector is looking at waterproofing, use infrared-powered Heat Notes to get a visual of any leaks behind the wall. At the end of your walk, it’s quick to create a Field Note report from your mobile device so that you, the inspector, and everyone on the job has a record of all the items discovered and noted during the walk.

Later when you’re back in the office and you need to make additional notes, you can quickly draft and send them out using the new Field Note Fast Create feature. If you’re using Autodesk Construction Cloud or Procore, there’s no need for duplicating your field notes with our added integrations. You can now sign-in to OpenSpace using your Autodesk Construction Cloud credentials and link your field notes to Issues and RFIs. For Procore users, you can push your field notes into Procore’s Punchlist tool.

In short, using OpenSpace to coordinate the field can lead to closing out action items faster since everything is presented clearly and visually, meaning everyone is on the same page (or drawing).

Looking Ahead: OpenSpace BIM+ Official Launch

Our goal from day one has been to build reliable and powerful tools that are easy to use and truly make your work more efficient. Moving into 2024, we’ll continue to strengthen and build on the foundation of OpenSpace to give you even greater efficiencies within field coordination, progress tracking, and BIM.

First up is a customer webinar on February 1, 2024 for the official launch of OpenSpace BIM+, so save the date. You’ll hear from customers about how our new set of 3D tools simplifies viewing, navigating, and coordinating with a model for everyone—no special training needed. We’re supercharging your ability to get value out of BIM with features like BIM Element Overlay, Multiple Models, Point Clouds in BIM Compare, and so much more.

Not using OpenSpace reality capture yet? Check out our free product demo to navigate through a real OpenSpace project.

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