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How Chang Hua Construction uses OpenSpace to improve efficiency

By Claudia Thijs

August 7, 2023

Chang Hua Construction banner

In the fast-paced world of construction, embracing cutting-edge technology has become paramount to meet the ever-increasing demands for efficiency and productivity. Chang Hua Construction, a prominent player in the industry, has recognized the importance of adopting innovative solutions to tackle their challenges head-on.

We were pleased to speak with Eyin Tan, QA/QC Manager at Chang Hua Construction, to delve into how the company has remarkably improved transparency, communication, and efficiency with the implementation of OpenSpace, a state-of-the-art 360° reality capture platform. In the following video, Ms. Tan elaborates on ways that OpenSpace has added value.

Challenges in the construction industry

The construction industry has faced persistent challenges, including the need to accelerate technology adoption and upskill the workforce. Chang Hua Construction acknowledged that greater efficiency and productivity were essential to remain competitive.

Additionally, attracting talent to the industry was a struggle due to the perception of harsh working conditions. A potential loss of knowledge and experience loomed if a pipeline of skilled talents was not established. These issues demanded innovative solutions that would revolutionize the company’s construction processes.

Empowering construction with OpenSpace

Chang Hua Construction’s proactive approach led the company to embrace OpenSpace reality capture. By documenting an entire jobsite, down to the smallest detail, OpenSpace empowered the construction team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project.

In particular, OpenSpace’s BIM Compare feature proved to be a game-changer by ensuring constructed elements aligned correctly with the model, which resulted in improved construction accuracy.

OpenSpace BIM Compare in action

Compare as-built to BIM side by side

Enhanced transparency and progress tracking

The implementation of OpenSpace yielded greater transparency in Chang Hua Construction’s projects. With real-time progress tracking and scheduling, the company experienced enhanced efficiency and accountability. The 360-degree visual documentation eliminated finger-pointing, as all stakeholders had access to an objective and accurate record of the jobsite. This level of transparency streamlined communication, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and make informed decisions.

Progress tracking from OpenSpace in action

Track progress automatically in OpenSpace

Efficient time and cost management

OpenSpace proved to be a cost-effective solution for Chang Hua Construction. By significantly reducing the need for on-site visits, the company saved valuable time and resources. The platform’s comprehensive documentation reduced the likelihood of revisits due to missed details, contributing to improved productivity.

Furthermore, the daily records stored in the cloud provided valuable data that informed better project planning and empowered the company in tendering processes.

How OpenSpace saves time and money

Save time and money with OpenSpace

Better safety measures with OpenSpace

Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and OpenSpace played a vital role in enhancing safety measures for Chang Hua Construction. The platform allowed for proactive planning of risk mitigation and identification of potential hazards. Compared to traditional manual photo documentation, OpenSpace’s efficiency significantly reduced preparation time and improved safety personnel’s ability to address risks effectively.

Improved safety using OpenSpace

Spot issues faster for improved safety

By adopting OpenSpace, Chang Hua Construction has made great strides in enhancing efficiency, transparency, and communication within the construction sector. OpenSpace has enabled extensive documentation, real-time performance tracking, and improved safety measures, all of which have become indispensable pillars of the company’s success.

Test drive OpenSpace today

Test drive OpenSpace in our new free product demo

If you wish to learn from the experiences of Chang Hua and explore how OpenSpace reality capture can increase efficiency at your company, get a feel for how easy it is to use in our free product demo. Try it out to explore a real OpenSpace customer project—click around to navigate the jobsite and view 360° captures. You’ll see how simple and intuitive OpenSpace is and how you could be using your own shared visual record for remote collaboration and more comprehensive documentation.

Simply request access to our free product demo and then take a look around to understand why builders like Suffolk sing our praises.

As the construction industry evolves, the integration of such technological advancements will unquestionably be a key determinant for construction firms aiming to stay competitive in this fast-paced industry. And if you like what you see in the demo experience, you can quickly be on your way to starting your own project with OpenSpace. We invite you to get in touch with us to arrange a personalized demo.

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