June 13 webinar:  Cleveland Electric & OpenSpace use cases

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Unlock Risk Mitigation & Insurance Benefits with OpenSpace

At OpenSpace, we’re simplifying the work of the built world, and in just 15 minutes, we’ll provide valuable insights and perspectives to help you save time and money. In this video, Michael Williams (Strategy & Insurance, OpenSpace) talks with Shelly Ros (Risk Management & Insurance, Power Design, Inc.) and Justin Levine (Co-founder & CEO, Shepherd) about ways that builders can mitigate risk, simplify claims, and reduce insurance premiums using 360° reality capture.

Power Design, a design-build multi-trade contractor with projects spanning the US, has been using OpenSpace since 2018. Shepherd is a tech-enabled insurance provider for the commercial construction space that partners with OpenSpace to reward builders that invest in technology like reality capture.

Watch this brief video to understand:

  • Risk and insurance trends in construction and how the risk manager role is changing.
  • Why consistent jobsite walks and broad technology adoption enable risk mitigation.
  • Ways that Power Design leverages OpenSpace to reduce risk on projects.
  • How your company can benefit from the partnership between OpenSpace and Shepherd.

Learn more about the technology and partnerships featured in this conversation:

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About the Speakers

Shelly Ros headshot

Shelly Ros

Risk Management and Insurance Professional, Power Design, Inc.

Shelly Ros, CRM, CIC, CRIS, oversees risk management and insurance at Power Design, Inc. She manages corporate insurance portfolio renewal for over 30 policies in an effort to save premiums on multiple lines of insurance and maintains a corporate and personal insurance portfolio for the company and executives to ensure adequate coverage for ever-changing exposures in the construction industry. She earned a degree in Communication from the University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences.
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S. Michael Williams headshot

S. Michael Williams

Analyst, New Products and Services, OpenSpace

In his role as Analyst, New Products and Services at OpenSpace, Michael Williams focuses on business strategy and insurance and is currently developing strategic partnerships to help builders simplify risk mitigation and save money. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Louisiana State University.
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Justin Levine

Co-Founder and CEO, Shepherd

Justin Levine is Co-founder and CEO of Shepherd and has spent his entire career at the intersection of construction, technology, and risk. After starting in the industry as an Enterprise Risk Manager for Hunter Roberts Construction Group in New York City, Justin founded TradeTapp, a SaaS platform for commercial General Contractors. The company was acquired twice, first by BuildingConnected, then by Autodesk. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
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