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Using OpenSpace for Remote Site Management, Joeris Keeps Project on Schedule During COVID Lockdown

Headquartered in San Antonio, Joeris General Contractors was founded in 1967 and has been building Texas ever since, with a deep sense of passion and purpose. The company serves a wide range of sectors, with healthcare, education, industrial, commercial, retail, and municipal construction projects throughout the state.

Known for being an early adopter of emerging technology, Joeris came to OpenSpace in search of an innovative solution that would allow the company to capture a 360° view of building interiors to keep a major project on schedule during the pandemic. As a company dedicated to waste reduction, Joeris also needed a solution that would help avoid rework. Using OpenSpace, in what used to take 40 hours per week, teams could now document a complete site in minutes. The teams experienced more efficiency and improved collaboration. Suddenly, they could see through walls and prevent costly errors that previously would not have been discovered until later stages of construction.

Read this case study to learn how OpenSpace’s technology has enabled Joeris to save thousands of dollars through avoided rework, achieve 10x faster captures compared with manual methods, and secure 100x more complete documentation than with manual capture. Joeris also benefited from improved payment processes, more effective remote project management, better communications with owners, and significant time savings using OpenSpace.

Learn more about the products and technologies featured in this case study:

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“As long as you can understand a floor plan, you can use the software. It’s been a big time-saver in our communications with the owners and architects.”

Tony Moreno

Project Manager

Joeris General Contractor

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